England Your England is a collection of stories offering an alternative look at life in modern day Britain.
In an era of widespread social unrest, the award winning short film series counteracts the trend, showcasing the personal stories of a group of outsiders and underdogs who are going agains the grain, quietly forging their own unique way of life amidst the mainstream culture they reject.


We'd love to hear from you, be it feedback
for any of the films or character ideas for
the project.


Created by Matt Hopkins, a UK-based director specialising in documentary storytelling, E-Y-E shares intimate character accounts to reveal
the realities of the country in which they live.

This ambition lies in-keeping with the ethos of The Progress Film Company, a creative film agency and production studio founded by Hopkins and fellow filmmaker Ben Lankester, who pride themselves on telling stories that really matter.


Vimeo Staff Pick 2019 - A Failure of the Imagination

British Shorts Berlin 2016 - Pete
& Visions of Albion

Souq Film Festival 2015 - Mark
 London Short Film Festival - 2015 - Visions of Albion

Open City Doc Fest 2015 - Visions of Albion

The Shooting Gallery / C4 2015 - Leon

Bornshorts 2014 - Visions of Albion

The Smalls 2013 - Pete

Open City Doc Fest 2013 - Richard

Vimeo Staff Pick 2013 - Richard

The Smalls - 2012 - Richard

Directors Notes - A Failure of the Imagination

The Atlantic - A Failure of the Imagination

The Atlantic - Pete

The Photo Brigade

News Shooter